Quality Commitment

At SB International, we understand that our products are put into some of the most critical applications. Therefore, quality is one of our core values to ensure the safety and reliability of the products we offer. Along with setting up several measures to ensure customer requirements are met, we have a quality control team dedicated to assisting suppliers, processors, and customers. We strive to offer the best customer support and stand behind the product that we deliver.

Our quality assurance team travels on a regular basis to our API-certified OCTG manufacturers around the world to discuss, review, and verify facility and production capabilities. The relationships with our suppliers are built on a foundation of open communication and trust. This allows us to first verify the supplier’s product processes, facility layout, equipment type, process flows, standard operating procedures, certification levels, and inspection/testing procedures in full detail. We are then able to offer ways to enhance the process that will improve both efficiency and quality output. In coordination with our suppliers, we also rely on third party consultants such as Moody International to audit facilities and provide feedback on improvement.

During production of SB International material, in many cases we position third party inspectors at the manufacturing site to ensure that operating procedures are properly followed. To further verify that API requirements are being met, we have third party inspectors in both the United States and Canada who reexamine inbound material. We randomly conduct both mechanical and chemical tests to verify the steel properties. In addition, we conduct non-destructive testing by third party inspectors such as Tuboscope to ensure that the physical properties of the pipe meet API requirements. If there is any concern of product not meeting either API or customer requirements, we immediately put the material on hold and conduct an investigation to determine how the issue arose.

As an ongoing process to improve quality standards, our quality assurance team visits both customers’ yards and rig sites to offer technical support and address concerns. We want to help solve any questions and understand if there are ways that we can enhance our product to fit our customer’s needs better.

Here at SB we pride ourselves on our quality commitment. We understand that there is much trust needed to use our product and we thank our customers for trusting us. It is our mission to offer the best customer support and work to deliver a high-quality product that people can depend on.